Letter from the Secretary-General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, Friendly MariMUN Staff and Guests, 

It is my distinct honour to welcome you and your delegation to the Marianopolis Model United Nations Conference 2020 held on February 8th and 9th. 

Model UN has always had the power to make people stand up for what they believe in and create a fostering environment for knowledge. This power creates a desire to not only learn about the world, but help find solutions which can combat the problems our planet and its population face everyday. MUN has personally helped me and I’m sure many other delegates through building confidence and exercising a driven mindset to speak up and achieve their goals. The hands-on experience of debating about international relations, current events and politics, offered by Model United Nations, provides the opportunity for future leaders, such as you, to create a better world with creative solutions to all the challenges it throws at us. That being said, my secretariat and I hope that MariMUN 2020 will provide a place for you or your delegates to be creative while engaging in rich debates in one of our many exciting and challenging committees. 

For our politically inclined delegates, consider solving issues that current world leaders have not yet been able to solve, while striving to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries in one of the two classic United Nations bodies: the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Disarmament and International Security committee. 

For our history buffs, our crisis this year is your way to go! Dive into the near future by committing to our fascinating Joint Crisis Committee when a new Cold-War is upon us and the world is once again being torn between two major powers: the infamous United States of America and the rising People’s Republic of China. If you would rather travel in your time machine to earlier ages, we propose to you our Alexiad committee with a mix of power-hungry characters and an immortal story that you will help shape with your creativity.

Additionally, back by popular demand, delegates will be able to channel their inner journalists by reporting on the goings on of other committees in the International Press Forum. 

Furthermore, aligned with the general theme of our conference this year, we present to you a committee that is dear to us all here in the secretariat for its uniqueness and dedication to finding solutions to issues that the owners of our lands face everyday. Recently developed by the Canadian House of Commons, the Indeginous and Northern Affairs committee will give to its motivated participants, the unique chance of representing MPs who will shed light on issues that should’ve been addressed long ago. 

Finally, for our more advanced delegates, why not add edge and mystery into your life with our Ad Hoc? The only clue: “Rags to Riches”…

With that, I am sincerely exhilarated to invite you all to MariMUN 2020 and encourage you to reach out for further information. Happy reading and we look forward to seeing you this February 8th and 9th! 

Kind Regards, 

Darya Jabbari

Secretary-General, MariMUN ’20