MariMUN – Marianopolis Model United Nations Club

MariMUN is one of the biggest and most ambitious student-run CEGEP clubs at Marianopolis College. Throughout every year, hundreds of members eagerly participate in the Model United Nations conferences hosted by different schools and universities around Montreal.

Conferences include SSUNS and McMUN (hosted by McGill), JACMUN (hosted by John Abbott College), MUNC (hosted at Dawson College) and more!

At conferences, you will represent different countries or characters and speak in committees about exciting and relevant topics, such as Women’s Rights or the Cold War. you will get to improve your public speaking skills, your knowledge of politics and international affairs, your problem-solving abilities, your critical thinking and many more important skills that are very relevant in today’s society. You do not need any form of experience in public speaking, politics or debate – Model UN is a fantastic learning experience and a major gateway to the world of law, politics, business, research and more!

Inside the club, we form a wholesome community of like-minded individuals who have unique interests, but a common passion for discussion. You will get to participate in social events in-school and out of school, in fundraising events and in the overall shaping of the club! MariMUN also hosts its own annual week-end conference in February, and each year, we form a dedicated and harmonious secretariat that will organize the event. You can also get involved with staffing and building committees for different conferences. Each year, some of our members have the opportunity to attend two non-local conferences – often, these dedicated members go to NAMUN (hosted by the University of Toronto, in Toronto) and WorldMUN (hosted by Harvard University, in a different country every year).

The club is open to all, and we encourage you to join during Marianopolis’ Join-a-Club day (dates vary)!

– Ricky Liu, Director of Communications (2018-2019)