The Alexiad: The Empire’s Return


In 1081, only a few years after the Great Schism of 1054, Alexios I Komnenos, Emperor of the Romans, rose to the throne of the Byzantine Empire. Inheriting a collapsing empire, the Emperor and his court will be faced with constant trouble from inside, in the form of heresies and civil-war, and the outside, be it the Seljuk Turks in Asia Minor or the Normans in the western Balkans. Will Alexios’s Komnenian restoration be enough to save the last bastion of Rome, or will the great city of Constantinopolis fall to the papist and the heathens? Elusive intrigue, fiery conflicts, brutal conquests, and one immortal story; these are ingredients of The Alexiad. Welcome to this year’s dauntless rendition of history!
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