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Committees – MariMUN




MariMUN is a conference where all sorts of delegates can find a committee suited to their interests. A good time is ensured for everyone.

  • Beginners – Beginners can learn the ropes of Model United Nations in our beginner GA and beginner crisis.

  • Veterans – Accomplished delegates can experience a challenge in our Ad Hoc crisis.

  • A modern approachOur wide variety of innovative committees enables each and every delegate to find something aligned with their interests.

General Assemblies

A General Assembly is a committee that simulates traditional United Nations bodies.

Specialized Agencies

A Specialized Agency allows delegates to simulate a variety of organizations and assemblies.


Crises can be compared to weekend long strategy games. In crisis committees, delegates are immersed into historical, political, fictional, or literary contexts where their actions direct the outcome of the committee.

Questions about committees?