Council of Deceased Leaders


In the wake of a desertification crisis, a room full of the most powerful leaders in history plot towards the next step they must take. By 2023, over 4 billion people have been affected by this (un)natural disaster. In the world’s most desperate hour, iconic figures, such as Cleopatra and Winston Churchill, have returned and assumed the state’s power, in a way that can only be described as god-sent.

In this committee, delegates must put aside their differences, both present and historical, and work towards combating the desertification crisis. Make your second chance at life worthwhile.

Background Guide – The Council of Deceased Leaders

Position Paper due February 8, 11:59 PM



Cassie Moschella
Cassie MoschellaChair
Daniel Mordkovitch
Daniel MordkovitchVice-Chair

Crisis Directors

Amory Benk
Amory BenkCrisis Director
Aaron Gao
Aaron GaoAssistant Crisis Director
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