Game of Thrones


Nearly fifteen years after Robert’s Rebellion, the realm hints at chaos yet again. Secret plots are forming, and distrust runs rampant in King’s Landing. The death of Jon Arryn has left many unanswered questions, causing dangerous information to come to light. As members of and advisors to the small council, delegates must deal with potential threats to the royal dynasty, solve the crown’s financial crisis, and prepare themselves for what is to be a long, harsh winter. And remember: when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

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Danielle Zhu
Danielle ZhuChair
Serena Aspinall
Serena AspinallVice-Chair

Crisis Directors

Cassie Moschella
Cassie MoschellaCrisis Director
Kareem Hammami
Kareem HammamiAssistant Crisis Director
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