The Man in the High Castle (Literary Crisis)


Its 1962, fifteen years have passed since the United States’ crushing defeat in the Second World War. The Axis reigns supreme. The entire planet has been separated between the victorious powers. In America, the East Coast has been annexed by the Greater German Reich and on the West Coast, the Pacific States of America act as a puppet of the Empire of Japan. Tensions are high in this horrifying world. The Fuhrer grows more ill with every passing day and unsettling reports of strange films depicting an alternate version of reality where the Allies won the war could endanger Nazi rule. As war between Japan and Germany looms ever larger, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Delegates shall be tasked to evolve in the dystopian setting created by Philip K. Dick in his critically acclaimed alternative history novel The Man in the High Castle and its hit Amazon TV series adaptation which dared ask the question: What if the Nazis had won WW2?

Background Guide – The Man in the High Castle

Position Paper due February 8, 11:59 PM



Erin Smith
Erin SmithChair
Hongda Li
Hongda LiVice-Chair

Crisis Directors

Kareem Faraj
Kareem FarajCrisis Director
Alexia Dupuis
Alexia DupuisAssistant Crisis Director
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