International Press Forum (IPF)


From assassinated journalists to the *clearly unheard of* concept of fake news, international journalism is at a crossroads. This committee’s delegates are tasked with finding a balance between fact and opinion, freedom and constraint, ethical and unethical—all while themselves representing the interests and positions of a real-life news outlet by writing articles and social media posts about MariMUN’s committees.

Delegates’ articles, published every committee session in the conference’s newspaper, will have the power to shape policy on topics ranging from climate change and space exploration to 19th century Japan and the South China Sea. As a favorite superhero of ours once learned, with great power comes great responsibility. This committee’s delegates will leave not only with improved writing skills and a newfound appreciation for the impact of the news media on policymakers, but with a more vivid understanding of the proverb.

Background Guide – IPF

Position Paper due February 8, 11:59 PM



Megan Le Stum
Megan Le StumChair
Ousmane Diagne
Ousmane DiagneVice-Chair
James Osborne
James OsborneVice-Chair
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