A New Cold War


The year is 2025 and a new Cold-War has slowly gripped the World. What is left of NATO fights on with the weakened Americans to keep up with China and its allies in the SCO. Will the tensions be defused or will the war turn hot? Will the US reclaim its former glory or will China truly become the dominant world power? Will technology continue advancing at an exponentially fast pace or will society come crashing down because of it? These are some of the questions that JCC delegates will have to answer.

Background Guide – A New Cold War (SCO)
Background Guide – A New Cold War (NATO)

Position Paper due February 7, 11:59 PM



Christopher Balian
Christopher BalianNATO Chair
Amalia Mastroberardino
Amalia MastroberardinoSCO Chair
Sanya Jain
Sanya JainNATO Vice Chair
Zhaoran Wu
Zhaoran WuSCO Vice Chair

Crisis Directors

Kaiyuan Wang
Kaiyuan WangCrisis Director
Osayma Saad
Osayma SaadAssistant Crisis Director
Mikhail Volkovich
Mikhail VolkovichAssistant Crisis Director
Delphine Langevin
Delphine LangevinAssistant Crisis Director
Roxanda Mirzac
Roxanda MirzacAssistant Crisis Director
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