American Civil War (Joint Crisis Committee)


Join the battle that shaped the history of the United States enormously by taking part in this year’s JCC, the American Civil War. One committee will be acting as the United States of America, and will fight to maintain the very fabric of what seems to be a fragile union. Simultaneously, another committee will represent the Confederate States of America, tired of the over zealous structure and influence the North has imposed on them. This committee will give delegates the perfect exposure to war games, espionage, and intrigue. Members of this committee will have to outsmart the other side in order to win one of the bloodiest American wars to date.

Background Guide


United Stated of America Chairs

Patrick Cajvan
Patrick CajvanChair
Annanaya Malik
Annanaya MalikVice-Chair

Confederate States of America Chairs

Christina Chung
Christina ChungChair
Rana Gaffar
Rana GaffarVice-Chair

Crisis Directors

Amory Benk
Amory BenkCrisis Director
Dima Romanov
Dima RomanovAssistant Crisis Director
Laura Matta
Laura MattaAssistant Crisis Director
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