The Meiji Era


Hajimemashite delegates and welcome to the Empire of Japan,

After the shocking visit from American Commodore Matthew Perry, the Japanese nation is left divided in its search for prosperity. Some are attempting to catch up to western imperial powers, while others fear the effects of foreign influence. The Boshin war has overthrown the shogunate and Emperor Meiji is on the throne.

Delegates will play a central role in this era of change – with their every move affecting the international scene for years to come. When reforming an empire destined for greatness, one must face social challenges such as the role of class privilege, prioritization of education, and civil right issues. It is just as important to note, however, the delicate nature of international relations at this time of economic development, a time where the smallest of blunders can cause great military upheaval.

We ask but one question: How does one make Japan great again?

Background Guide – The Meiji Era

Position Paper due February 8, 11:59 PM


Samah Khandker
Samah KhandkerChair
Sasha Ross
Sasha RossVice-Chair
Kailong Li
Kailong LiVice-Chair
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