The Meiji Era


Hajimemashite delegates,

Welcome to the Empire of Japan.

15 years after the shocking visit from American Commodore Matthew Perry, Japan has successfully struggled for an open economy, in which they seek prosperity and modernization, in attempts to catch up to the western imperial powers. The Boshin war has overthrown the shogunate and Emperor Meiji is now on the throne; the fresh smell of modernity is flowing in the city of Tokyo, and soon in all of Japan.

Delegates, you are important figures for the creation of a glorious superpower – every action counts for the future of Japan. Human rights, culture, research, trade, suffrage, war, invasion; these are mere examples of everything that must come with an empire, destined to be big. Challenges will arise, and you must overcome them with discipline and effort.

So the question is, after centuries of military rule,

How does one make Japan great again?

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