Position Papers

All delegates must write a position paper in order to be admissible for an award. All position papers must be submitted by February 7th at 11:59 pm. Position Papers can be submitted by filling out the form on this page. Should you have any issues submitting your position paper, please email committees@marimun.com.

Here is a guide on position paper writing: (Please note, position papers do not need to follow this exact format; it is it one of many acceptable formats. That being said, they should still contain most of what is outlined in our guide in terms of content, and all sources must be cited.)

Position Paper Guide

Please send your position papers (Word or PDF format) to the following addresses:

UNHRC: marimun2020unhrc@gmail.com

DISEC: marimun2020disec@gmail.com

House of Commons: marimun2020houseofcommons@gmail.com

IPF: marimun2020ipf@gmail.com

The Alexiad: marimun2020thealexiad@gmail.com

The New Cold War: marimun2020coldwar@gmail.com