World Technology Conference

Please note that the World Technology Conference has not taken place in real life, it is simply a name created to fit the following purpose.


At the World Technology Conference, leading software, telecommunications and high-technology companies gather to debate the most pressing issues facing innovators and users today. The World Technology Conference works to aggregate the diverse interests of its members to create cohesive policy and set industry standards transnationally. At this iteration of the conference, delegates will debate the preservation of user privacy and access in the online age, as well as the increasing phenomenon of human capital replacement with machinery, and, eventually, artificial intelligence. Each delegate will represent industry-leading companies as they debate these key issues under government and consumer pressure. This committee will contain some crisis elements.

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Hannah Drinkell
Hannah DrinkellChair
Yi Sen Wang
Yi Sen WangVice-Chair
Ceylan Borgers
Ceylan BorgersVice-Chair
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