United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


The United Nations Environment Program was created in 1972 with the objective of helping the world tackle various environmental problems by assisting countries in implementing environmentally friendly practices. While the Program often considers various topics from marine ecosystems to desertification, this committee will focus on the complex and pressing issue of climate change. In today’s world where global leaders are divided on how to combat the problem, delegates will have to put their difference aside to collaborate in order to find ways to help nations transition towards sustainable forms of energy as well as to find effective ways to regulate and incentivize industries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The idea of setting targets and of abiding by them will also be considered.

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Position Paper due February 8, 11:59 PM


Nicholas Rousseau
Nicholas RousseauChair
Andy Wang
Andy WangVice-Chair
Vinnie Zhang
Vinnie ZhangVice-Chair
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