United Nations Security Council: Fall of North Korea (Beginner Crisis)

This committee is designed for delegates who have never done a crisis before. Note that this Security Council committee will take place in a very near future. For that reason, delegates are encouraged to base their stance on the current international news while using their creativity to adapt to the different fictional crisis elements thrown at them.


The North Korean leadership has been ousted and global turmoil has ensued. Delegates will be responsible for dealing with the many consequences of a power vacuum within such a dangerous and unstable state. The members of the Security Council are encouraged to understand the different decisions that lead to the fall of the Kim dynasty. They are also urged to focus on the importance of external powers such as the United States of America and South Korea. Delegates must ensure that the people of North Korea have access to basis human necessities, deal with the refugee crisis in the region, and discuss the potential reunification of North and South Korea.

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Mary Lynne Loftus
Mary Lynne LoftusChair
Austin Yue
Austin YueVice-Chair

Crisis Directors

Hawa Maiga
Hawa MaigaCrisis Director
Hendrik Fortin
Hendrik FortinAssistant Crisis Director
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