United Nations Security Council: South China Sea (Beginner Crisis)

This committee is designed for delegates who have never done a crisis before. Delegates are encouraged to base their stance on the current international news while using their creativity to adapt to the different fictional crisis elements thrown at them.


Founded in 1946, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the UN body with the primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, to cooperate in solving international problems and promoting respect for human rights and to be at the centre for harmonizing the actions of nations. With the ability to enforce its will upon all member states, the UNSC is in a uniquely placed to directly affect change in the international community.

The South China Sea has been an area of great contention for many years. This body of water is located within the legal jurisdiction of numerous member states and is central to international commerce. Furthermore, the recent discovery of oil has caused a rush for many states to claim ownership of the South China Sea. Belligerent action from states claiming ownership of the Sea has lacked a equivocal response from the international community.

UNSC delegates will be tasked with addressing past concerns of sovereignty all-the-while reacting in real time to military and geo-political situations that arise. Although a beginner’s committee, UNSC delegates will be expected to act in their respective state’s best interests and encouraged to come to a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Background Guide – UNSC

Position Paper due February 8, 11:59 PM



Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim AhmedChair
Natasha Yang
Natasha YangVice-Chair

Crisis Directors

Yassine Assameur
Yassine AssameurCrisis Director
Kaiyuan Wang
Kaiyuan WangAssistant Crisis Director
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