World Health Organization (WHO): Beginner

This committee is designed for delegates who have never done Model UN before.


The World Health Organization was established in 1948 and has since become a widely respected authority on matters of global healthcare. The primary goal of the WHO is to “direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations’ system” in order to provide effective leadership and promote stronger and healthier communities worldwide. MariMUN 2018 presents the WHO as a General Assembly for first time delegates to learn about relevant international issues and Model United Nations procedure. In this committee, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss two important matters at the forefront of global health conversations. The first topic tackles the coordination of global strategies regarding genetic modification technologies. The second topic deals with the important issue of reproductive health in the context of unacceptably high maternal mortality rates around the world. These topics will require preparation, creativity, and enthusiasm from all the delegates. We are so excited for you to engage in a stimulating discussion and cooperate with each other to find innovative solutions to the topics at MariMUN 2018. Good luck to all!

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Meghan Keenan
Meghan KeenanChair
Ioana Simionescu
Ioana SimionescuVice-Chair
Ousmane Diagne
Ousmane DiagneVice-Chair
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